Daily Bread

Well, after months of planning and COVID-19 we have finally started our ESIF North of the Tyne Employability Programme ‘One Loaf at a Time’. Due to COVID we have had to reduce numbers, but we have started with a small but perfectly formed group.

Not exactly as we envisaged 12 months ago – but with all of our COVID-19 safety measures in place and visors at the ready we are off.

We’ve planned and rehearsed our course – but the real test was with real participants – and they’ve come back for a second week – still smiling – so it must be OK!

Last week saw our first group go straight into baking after their health and safety talk -with a non-bake tray bake – cheese scones – cup cakes and sponges.

This week its all about pastry and bread basics with a little bit of Barista thrown in on the side.

We are widening our impact in the local community by sharing the goodies our trainee’s bake with the wider community – and Sarah from Byker Mutual Aid collected a batch of cheese scones to share.

It’s a great start and it’s going to be an interesting journey. We are running 4 week courses from now until March 2022 – so if you want to know more or are interested in taking part – please contact gail@bigriverbakery.com.

Eligibility is strict and you must live in a CLLD postcode (we can check this for you), and be either unemployed or inactive to demonstrate this.

Happy Baking!